Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Personal Touch

All of Dave's family and friends have been really touched by all the support that has poured in from around the world. The comic community is an odd though close family, and we are all glad to be a part of it.

Dave is making small improvments every day, though he is still in the intensive care unit at the hospital. The nurses are all very impressed by how hard Dave is fighting to come back and join the real world. With the extent of Dave's injurys, it will be quite a while before he is back to normal. When he is able I am sure he will really enjoy looking at all the words of encouragement from close friends and complete strangers.

The family has requested limited release of personal information on Dave's condition and about Dave in general. With someone still out there waiting to be caught, they just don't want to overshare information that may help in everyone being caught and convicted.

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